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Phil Bircheff, Sculpture


These are pictures of sculpture done by Phil Bircheff, these pieces were done in the 1970's. They were provided by Marily Hart who was the proprietor of the then famous “fine arts” establishment of that era, “Puttin' on the Ritz” (Pictures of the shop can be seen at the bottom of the Art Bridge I web page:

           Unfortunately these are snapshots, not professionally rendered photos. We do think that Bircheff's skill and talent are still showcased here. His sculpture was most impressive and professional. While it's obvious he could create very literal presentations of the human form, he usually included some abstract elements into a piece or develop the form in a somewhat grotesquely exaggerated manner. Like many artists, Bircheff was an eccentric and he wasn't one who pursued self promotion, few artists do.

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                   Phil Bircheff, Sculptor                                    Resume



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